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Hi, I'm Emily...

I always knew that I wanted to make a difference and that my career would be built on helping others. What I didn't know is that the difference would be made through nutrition. Like you, my path to finding health through nutrition has not been an easy one. I struggled with my weight and body image and tried quick fixes that promised lasting results. 


I always had a passion for learning, so with each step in my own health journey I immersed myself in studying the role of nutrition in our everyday lives. From studying the science of human nutrition to motivational interviewing and behavior change, I worked to hone the skills that bridge the gap between knowledge and action. It became clear to me that if I was struggling, maybe others were too. I dedicate my career to helping each person I work with find their unique path to health and wellness.  


If it was easy, everyone would be successful! 

My approach is simple: provide the framework to empower you to make educated choices about your nutrition.


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Insurance Accepted

Registered Dietitian (BS, Nutrition and Dietetics)

Certified Dietitian Nutritionist

Certified Specialist in Oncology

Functional & Integrative Dietitian


Blue Cross Blue Shield


United Healthcare


Competitive out-of-pocket rates available

Client Testimonials
Emily has made a huge difference in my life. Emily clearly explained the basics of nutrition that I had not comprehended before. Emily is a professional, who is knowledgeable, patient, a listener and who understood my objectives. Because of Emily, I now make educated food choices and feel much better.

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